Catherine DeVyre
Former Australian Executive Woman of the Year
Plenary Session 1 – Pangkor Dialogue 2015



Change is happening all the time and all around us. The wave of change attracts constant evolution, requiring a positive attitude towards improvement of services. But evolution of change should not be seen as a problem. The key is in understanding how to navigate change.

We need to turn problems into opportunities with added values and manage it positively for the future. And this should be based on customers’ needs. IBM is a point in case. Its market share shrank in 1990s due to the attitude of not listening to customers’ needs. KODAK also ran into the same problem in 2014. IBM and KODAK are both victims of their own success. It shows that success of the past does not guarantee success for the future.

We will not be able to drive into the future if we are still within our comfort zones. We need to learn from the experience of the past for future improvements. The mantra “Plant the seed of growth today for inclusive wealth of the future” is apt for the current wave of change.

Paradigm shift is a change in pattern of behaviour in organizations which is essential and people need to know the reasons to change for the betterment of the people and the organization. People must be in control of decisions and situations to escalate the change in the provision of services to the people.

Attitude, practice and perseverance are the ingredients for success. Implementing sustainability for inclusive growth is about making good and quality choices. Challenges prevail but we have to pick up and move on! All of us have roles to play to make a difference of the future for sustainability. We must think of the things we can change today for a better future.