Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) is a public policy think tank for Perak State Government, entrusted to drive strategic transformation in the state of Perak. Through a series of high impact activities, we are committed to inspiring change at all facets of society. Inspiring change that will spearhead Perak towards sustainable and inclusive future.

IDR works with a community of network, which includes academics, social enterprises, government agencies and private companies to ensure Perak achieves a dynamic and sustainable economy; a high and equitable distribution of income; the creation of well-educated and highly skilled human capital; and a vibrant private sector.


In the works are employment attachment programmes with think tanks from other states, countries, and corporate bodies, as part of IDR’s human capital and capacity development. My hope is that as we grow and build IDR’s worth, the remarkable individuals that make up the organisation will also concomitantly develop their skills and knowledge. It is also in line with the state government’s effort of creating a pool of knowledgeable and skilled individuals for Perak’s advancement.

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IDR has enhanced its capacity as a knowledge-driven organisation by building Perak Data, an integrated data management system to evaluate portfolio and performance. It is a Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) tool that link data across agencies to help in making transparent and accountable decision-making.

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IDRtv is a new platform created to share our content and insights in a more engaging way. This platform will showcase inspiring stories to change the hearts and minds of the masses. IDRtv aims to humanise complex ideas so it will be relevant to all.

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The Highlights of Malaysia Economic Outlook 2019

Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng table the 2019 budget on Friday (Nov 2) in parliament. The Ministry of Finance also releases and present the Economic Outlook 2019 report.

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Full Speech Text of The Tabling of Perak Budget 2019

THE Perak state government has allocated RM1.06 billion for its 2019 budget. Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu said RM1.03 billion of the allocation would be derived from tax revenue, non-tax revenue, and non-revenue receipts, while RM30.5 million would be from development receipts.

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Lawatan Universiti Dari China

IDR telah menerima kedatangan delegasi pelajar pasca-ijazah Universiti Guanxi dari China yang dibawakan oleh Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman kampus Kampar. Tujuan lawatan ini diadakan adalah untuk mengenali dengan lebih dekat IDR dan fungsinya sebagai badan pemikir kerajaan negeri.

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Household Income In Perak: A Cause for Concern?

There are various indicators that measure economic well-being; some are more accurate than others in a given situation. While gross domestic products or GDP indicates the economic wellbeing of a country, household income is arguably an accurate tool to measure prosperity of communities in a given area.

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Economic Growth in Perak

In the past, measuring economic growth was relatively simple. Economic growth referred to an increase in the amount of goods and services produced per head of the population over a period of time. However, as society progressed new challenges emerged which required a rethink of what economic growth actually is.

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Inequality in Perak

Equality simply means that there should be no glaring differences in living standards, quality of life, or the well-being of the people. In ensuring inclusive growth for Perak, the benefits of economic growth must be felt by the masses and distributed equitably.

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Dubbed as the ‘Davos of Asia’ Pangkor Dialogue is an international knowledge exchange which aims to inspire sustainable economic growth in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is a platform where information is shared to find solutions for global challenges. The ultimate aim is to transform sustainable policies into impactful actions which are inclusive and relevant to local scenarios.


In the bigger picture, economic growth alone is insufficient to address the complex challenges of the 21st century. In fact, growth itself alters the social foundation on which growth occurs, with fundamental changes in how societies are governed. Addressing this complex challenge requires addressing all four mutually reinforcing areas in the four-fold transformation – economy, society, polity and administration.
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Housing affordability is becoming a key topic as housing prices have sky rocketed in recent times. Under the present monetary system, money is created from nothing with the total money in the economy growing exponentially but the real economy not demonstrating growth, almost in a straight line. This exponential money growth leads to inflation and disparity of wealth and income distribution. This fuels the rise in the price of housing with the excess money in circulation absorbed by the financial and property markets.
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Change is happening all the time and all around us. The wave of change attracts constant evolution, requiring a positive attitude towards improvement of services. But evolution of change should not be seen as a problem. The key is in understanding how to navigate change.
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